As per the report of Electrical Safety Foundation International, over 30 thousand non-fatal shock mishaps take place every year. Nevertheless, electrical shocks are considerably easy to prevent if you have an idea of what to seek & what to steer clear of. With some basic knowledge & safety guidance, you certainly can identify & prevent possible electrical shock. Have outlet plug covers: This is the first basic step to make sure electrical safety particularly if you’ve kids. Some latest GFCI outlets have a feature built-in that obstructs the open plugs from interfering when they’re not in use. The outlet will only open when a plug is popped into all of the openings at the same time. This is an excellent feature that helps prevent any electrical risks from kids messing with outlets.


Always keep track of voltage & wattage: At the time of light bulb replacement, it’s essential to keep an eye on voltage & wattage. A light bulb shorted out when popped into a socket well beyond its capacity. By keeping an eye on light fixture voltages & ratings, you can prevent breaking a light bulb and short circuit of the course. You can generally spot the suggested maximum wattage printed on the light bulb socket. It is smart to make use of bulbs with equal or lesser wattage to not overload the lamp wiring.

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