Another holiday season has come & gone. Hopefully, you made it through without any major accidents. Sadly, a lot of people experience big issues with their electrical systems during the holiday season. A professional electrical contractor in South Wales will recommend you to take certain safety measures throughout the holidays to avoid any damage & to decrease the danger of a fire. To help you & your family remain safe, First Phase Electrical Wales – wants to tell you regarding some widespread holiday electrical hazards that you must watch out for next year.

Holiday light issues: Holiday lights are stunning, but you should always be cautious when stringing them inside & outside of your house. For starters, don’t use indoor lights in an outdoor setting. Only employ lights that don’t have signs of damage & that is certified for safety. When the vacations are over, take down the lights as quickly as feasible. This will help avert electrical overuse & issues afterward. Finally, don’t leave the lights on all night, as this can boost the possibility of a fire. Electrical circuit overloads: Be cautious regarding what you plug in since circuit overloads are as typical as icy winds this time of year. Ensure to check your outlets & extension cords for signs of overheating or damage. Never use them if they’re warm to the touch. Also, get in touch with us if you notice regular blowouts of fuses, as this is an indication of an electrical overload.

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