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5 Reasons Why Specialized Electrical Testing and Inspection in South Wales is Necessary.

As a business or industry owner in South Wales, you always invest so much of your resources and energy in your business’s infrastructure, services, products, and property. With all these personal financial investments involved the last thing you like to experience is to lose any expensive commercial asset due to an unpredicted electrical mishap. That’s why keeping the electrical infrastructure of your South Wales business properly tested and inspected makes one of the most essential things you should carry on to protect your investments.

It is essential to have every piece of your electrical infrastructure installed and maintained to the highest standard. In absence of specialized electrical testing and inspection in South Wales, you can’t even confirm how well installed is the electrical system & whether it is appropriate for use. With the passage of time, your installation becomes older and needs electrical testing and inspection in South Wales to ensure they’re in good condition and functioning as well as they were first installed.

Whether there is a new system installed or an older system operating in your South Wales business or commercial outlet, specialized electrical testing and inspection in South Wales should be carried out regularly to help it run smoothly and effectively for years. The wiring, lighting fixtures, and fire alarm in the building should undergo inspection for any possible weather damage or pest infestation. Similarly, thorough testing of risky electrical equipment such as lightning conductor and thermal imaging makes sure that all of them function efficiently and does not cause overheating or overloading, etc.

Electrical Testing and Inspection South Wales

Electrical testing and inspection in South Wales are not necessarily “one-time” procedures. To make sure the electrical safety and proper functioning of the electrical systems at your place, it is necessary to have someone specialized in performing electrical testing and inspection regularly. There are still some people in South Wales who don’t know why they should have electrical testing and inspection done regularly. Here are five reasons they may find convincing enough.

  1. Compliance with legislative prerequisites: – Electrical testing & inspection in South Wales is the best option for local corporate and commercial units to get the certificate of clearance and prove their compliance with legislative basics. The landlords can also use it to fulfill the conditions required for the rental market.
  2. Safeguard your employees & visitors against electrical injuries or death: – Every South Wales employer is legally and morally obliged to safeguard his or her employees and visitors. The truth is that electrical short-circuit and other mishaps do occur in those workplaces where electrical safety is ignored. Though many employers pray and hope that no such accidents ever occur but heavy load on electrical appliance may prove them wrong, causing injury or even death of employees at times.
  3. Better handle your assets and reputation: – Failing to meet the electrical safety needs gives rise to the risk of getting a negative publicity as well as a fine from the legal system. It means electrical testing and inspection in South Wales is the best way for business organizations to maintain their commercial assets and market reputation well.
  4. Avoid paying increased insurance premiums: – If any of the South Wales based businesses does not comply with the appropriate health and safety legislation, the insurance won’t cover the personal injury claim resulted from an electrical mishap. The more proactive and effective approach it maintains to health and safety, the better insurance premium rates will be offered to it by the insurers.
  5. Escape the threat of legal prosecution: – Any deviance from the best healthy and safety practices which includes electrical testing and inspection in South Wales too will land employers in legal trouble. They might get fined and even legally prosecuted for negligence if they are unable to defend themselves.
Electrical Testing and Inspection in South Wales

First Phase Electrical offers preventative electrical testing & inspection in South Wales to help every business qualify safety standards and avoid any unforeseen disaster. Whether it is emergency light testing, commercial electrical period testing, domestic electrical period testing, or something else, it is quickly available to professionally serve you.

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Electrical Thermography Test Important For Your Business.

The impact an industrial fire can have on your business is extensive – not just does it hinder your profits, operations, and worker retention; it’ll also affect the reputation of your organization. Nearly 25 percent of fires are prompted by electrical defects, so businesses in South Wales must emphasize fire prevention.

Electrical Testing and Inspection in South Wales

Increasingly, one of the measures being asked by insurance firms which must be a vital part of any risk-minded organization’s protection strategy is electrical thermography. What’s electrical thermography? Thermography, also known as infrared inspection is a non-destructive testing method that is used to spot bad connections, unstable loads, weaken insulation, or other possible issues in electrical components. Thermography is perfect to see beyond what’s noticeable to the naked eyes. Not just it’s an efficient method of spotting possible problems, it also caters to lessen any disastrous electrical mishaps..Mentioned below are some of the crucial advantages of doing an electrical thermography test at a regular interval. Decreased risk possibilities: Doing thermographic inspection aid to spot electrical hotspots prior to them becoming a problem that may guide to serious mishaps or, even worse, a severe fire. Safe work atmosphere: When used in combination with professional electrical testing and inspection in South Wales, thermography offers the safest possible working atmosphere. You & your staff can work confidently while knowing that the electrical installation is safe from disastrous effects. Saves you money: Studies found that warehouse fire alone can make a business lose more than £230m per year. However, these huge expenses can be avoided by simply keeping your installation in check. The results from electrical thermographic inspection make sure that you’re alert of any electrical components that have to be sorted out prior to them becoming a liability. And this eventually helps to decrease not just the expense of breakdown but possibly insurance premiums also. The lifespan of electrical equipment is extended: In many circumstances, with periodic thermographic inspections being undertaken, it’ll be possible to extend the lifespan of your vital electrical equipment. Without this, you’d have more expenses associated with having to replace defective equipment on a more regular basis. Conclusions: Electrical thermography is supplemental to but doesn’t replace professional electrical inspection & testing. It must be measured as a vital inspection to decrease the risk of disastrous fire events.

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How to Get Rid Of Common Electrical Hazard in Your Home.

Another holiday season has come & gone. Hopefully, you made it through without any major accidents. Sadly, a lot of people experience big issues with their electrical systems during the holiday season. A professional electrical contractor in South Wales will recommend you to take certain safety measures throughout the holidays to avoid any damage & to decrease the danger of a fire. To help you & your family remain safe, First Phase Electrical Wales – wants to tell you regarding some widespread holiday electrical hazards that you must watch out for next year.

Holiday light issues: Holiday lights are stunning, but you should always be cautious when stringing them inside & outside of your house. For starters, don’t use indoor lights in an outdoor setting. Only employ lights that don’t have signs of damage & that is certified for safety. When the vacations are over, take down the lights as quickly as feasible. This will help avert electrical overuse & issues afterward. Finally, don’t leave the lights on all night, as this can boost the possibility of a fire. Electrical circuit overloads: Be cautious regarding what you plug in since circuit overloads are as typical as icy winds this time of year. Ensure to check your outlets & extension cords for signs of overheating or damage. Never use them if they’re warm to the touch. Also, get in touch with us if you notice regular blowouts of fuses, as this is an indication of an electrical overload.

Want to get in touch with a professional electrical contractor in South Wales? Call First Phase Electrical Wales now! We serve South Wales and surrounding areas. Our residential & commercial electricians offer prompt service for all kinds of electrical installations & repairs. Contact us now for a free estimate.

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Electrical Testing and Inspection in South Wales: Ensuring Safety in Your Apartment.

Most times, homeowners may not value the importance of undertaking regular electrical testing and inspection. After all, you have the assurance that all your cable networks are made of the best quality. Unfortunately, there have been cases whereby homes went in flames, because of the lack of periodic detection of faulty cables. Therefore, you have a role to play in preventing a fire outbreak in your home.

Interestingly, it is important to highlight the benefits of facilitating regular electrical testing and inspection in Wales.

1. Efficient power consumption

A low voltage can damage your electrical appliances especially when you don’t encourage electrical testing and inspection inSouth Wales. Ideally, you should enjoy power with the right voltage. After all, you don’t want to be spending a large part of your budget on gadget replacement.

2. Prevention

A severe case of electrocution can lead to death. Therefore, you should consider hiring experts who can conduct electrical testing and inspection in your home. The fact is that an exposed cable can have direct contact with your water channels. Unfortunately, water is a great conductor of electricity. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to put the life of your family in jeopardy. To ensure that you don’t need to raise an emergency alarm in your home, always opt for regular electric inspections. You never can tell how regular electrical testing and inspection in South Wales can save your life.

3. Rebate 

Your efforts in keeping your home safe from electrical sparks can earn a rebate from your insurance company. Facilitating electrical testing and inspection in South Wales is a demonstration of your concern toward averting a disaster. Fortunately, many insurance companies are willing to compensate individuals who are keen on regular electrical testing and inspection.
4. Avoiding prosecution 

If you run an organization, you need to ensure that you do not put the life of your employees in jeopardy. The fact is that your negligence on electrical matters may cause you to get a fine or a prison sentence. Therefore, you should endeavor to carry out periodic electrical testing and inspection of your organization. This way, you are able to prevent a disaster from occurring. If an electrical disaster occurs, you can prove your innocence with your periodic electrical testing and inspection in South Wales.

Finally, it is your duty to keep your home safe. Your proactive nature can go a long way in averting many troubles from an electrical spark. Therefore, you don’t have to wait until you need emergency service from an electrical testing and inspection expert. Rather, you should become proactive with your approach to undertaking regular electrical testing and inspections.

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How To Spot & Prevent Possible Electrical Shocks In Your Home.

Preventive electrical testing and inspection is not an innovative concept in South Wales. Most of the locals have been performing preventive maintenance work on their engines, motors, and other machinery for years. However, some of them by mistake think not to spend money on electrical parts regularly as they are less likely to fail. The risk of electrical disasters is much higher for systems without preventive electrical testing and inspection in South Wales.

Electrical Testing and Inspection South Wales

Preventative electrical testing and inspection services involve evaluating the condition of electrical equipment and deciding the most cost-efficient and convenient solution to assure its reliable and safe performance. Basic components of a quality Preventative Electrical Testing and Inspection program goes beyond the following: Typical machinery to be inspected from transformers and circuit breakers to switches and fire alarms etc. Procedures and schedules for routine domestic electrical inspectionsPeriodic electrical testing of commercial equipment for structural security quick repair or replacement of faulty equipment found during electrical testing and inspection in South Wales List of spare parts for equipment that is in need of repair maintenance and update system to schedule electrical tests and inspections confirm that records are organized and complete and that they include the latest test results and report on action preventative electrical testing and inspection records should come with thermal image inspection record precautions for Electrical DisasterAny greatly designed electrical structure in your South Wales home or plant can fail anytime if it is not properly maintained. As electrical loads continue to rise and fall, thermal expansion and contraction happen, causing electrical connections to come loose. Electrical panels when not cleaned gather dust and dirt depositing on these connections. The slackened and dirty connections create a high resistance path that is liable for about 30% of electrical disasters. Another 15% of electrical disasters owe to live electrical components coming in contact with moisture. With a comprehensive program for electrical testing and inspection in South Wales, both of these situations – which make up almost 50% of all electrical damages or losses – can be prevented. According to the NICEIC Approved electrical contractors, the risk of failure of electrical components is 3 times higher for systems without preventive maintenance. It indicates that electrical disasters in your South Wales home or business are preventable with precautionary electrical testing and inspection service. It is possible to custom tailor the electrical testing and inspection to your premises and operation needs. With it, you can expect to stay fully compliant with governmental prerequisites, protect your visitors and employees while handling your assets better.

Electrical Testing and Inspection South Wales

First Phase Electrical provides preventative electrical testing & inspection in South Wales to help both households and businesses meet safety standards and escape unexpected disasters. Be it is domestic or commercial electrical period testing emergency light testing, fire alarm testing, or anything else, it has professionally accredited electricians available on time.

To custom plan, your electrical testing and inspection in South Wales based on your budget and operational needs, reach First Phase Electrical at 01443 820 668 now.

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How To Spot & Prevent Possible Electrical Shocks In Your Home.

As per the report of Electrical Safety Foundation International, over 30 thousand non-fatal shock mishaps take place every year. Nevertheless, electrical shocks are considerably easy to prevent if you have an idea of what to seek & what to steer clear of. With some basic knowledge & safety guidance, you certainly can identify & prevent possible electrical shock. Have outlet plug covers: This is the first basic step to make sure electrical safety particularly if you’ve kids. Some latest GFCI outlets have a feature built-in that obstructs the open plugs from interfering when they’re not in use. The outlet will only open when a plug is popped into all of the openings at the same time. This is an excellent feature that helps prevent any electrical risks from kids messing with outlets.


Always keep track of voltage & wattage: At the time of light bulb replacement, it’s essential to keep an eye on voltage & wattage. A light bulb shorted out when popped into a socket well beyond its capacity. By keeping an eye on light fixture voltages & ratings, you can prevent breaking a light bulb and short circuit of the course. You can generally spot the suggested maximum wattage printed on the light bulb socket. It is smart to make use of bulbs with equal or lesser wattage to not overload the lamp wiring.

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Industrial Electrical Maintenance – What You Need To Know.

Elevated View Of An Architect Drawing Plan On Blueprint With Electrical Components
Pondering how to find an electrical safety hazard? Within a business surrounding, whether that be industrial or commercial, there’re several electrical safety aspects to take into account. After working with many businesses, we comprehend just how crucial it’s to keep the business building electrically safe. As a business owner, it is your first responsibility to keep your employees safe from any kind of electrical dangers.

Industrial Electrcial Services

Old or damaged wiring: Faulty wiring is perhaps the most common industrial electrical emergency business owners call us to fix. In a surrounding where electrical appliances are used frequently, the quality installation of wiring is vital. Frayed wires or wires that are exposed usually need the attention of an industrial electrician in South Wales.  He will make sure your business or industrial space is in perfect electrical condition. Wrong electrical installation: At First Phase Electrical Wales, we know that people are sometimes unwilling to get the assistance of an electrician and would instead perform the task themselves, which isn’t safe at all! Though some electrical installation or fitting may look pretty simple, it’s much more worthwhile, in the long run, to look for a professional electrical service. The most common electrical issues take place when equipment is fitted wrongly. A skilled team of industrial electricians can safely execute & maintain any electrical installation. Overused equipment or socket: It is no surprise that every business or industry depends heavily on electricity. Hence, it’s essential to ensure that your electricity is running safely. Sockets & equipment can only manage an exact amount before becoming overloaded. Overloaded sockets then overheat which is extremely dangerous and can prompt a great threat to you and your personnel. Fortunately, you can handle & control such situations with emergency electrical service from First Phase Electrical Wales.

Industrial Electrician South Wales

Our industrial technicians in South Wales can assure the electrical safety of your business and employees. If you’re not sure of any electrical risks in your commercial or industrial building, an experienced electrician from our team can provide services such as; an electrical inspection, PAT testing, or simple maintenance to put your mind at ease.
Industrial Electrician in South Wales

Our electricians will carry out maintenance on any potentially harmful electrical installations. Planned maintenance will reduce the possibility of a piece of equipment breaking down, perfect for industrial businesses. In fact, planning for an electrical check to take place regularly will benefit you in long term.

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Welcome to Electricians Wales – Pat Testing Hub

Pat Testing Wales are South Wales Electricians NICEIC Approved/Registered. Specializing in House Rewire, Fuse Box replacement, and Commercial Electrics.

Areas that we cover are:
Blackwood, Merthyr Tydfil, Caerphilly to Cardiff and Newport.

Services We Offer
Professional Rewiring – Factory Wiring & Re-Wiring, Commercial Offices, Retail Outlets, Hotels & Hospitality Venues, LandLord Certificate Thermal Imaging Reports, Pat Testing, Full House Wiring & Re-Wiring, Extension, Loft Conversion, Smoke Alarms Installation, Lighting Installation, Fuse Board Repair and Upgrade, Garden Electrics and Lighting.

Specialists in Fault Finding,  Insurance Work.
Specializing in new builds, sockets, lights including garden lighting, including wiring, rewires and spurs for nursing homes, the church, hotels, warehouses, pubs and clubs. We cover rewires and safety checks for rentals and HMO maintenance,  installations testing safety checks.

Pat Testing.

What is Pat Testing:

Pat Testing is an electrical safety check for portable appliances such as heaters, lighting, plugs, and sockets and is the name given for a process in the United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland whereby electrical appliances are routinely checked for safety. The formal term for the process is “in-service inspection & testing of electrical equipment”.

Our blog will cover all aspects in relation to anything electrical domestic and commercial.

We service both commercial properties such as hotels, churches, shops, restaurants, event venues, and private properties, such as new builds, residential premises, and rented accommodation.

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